External PVC waterstop system for passive protection of expansion, construction and contraction joints in reinforced concrete structures

Product Description

Serviseal® is a passive external PVC waterstop system manufactured in a range of sizes for protecting joints in concrete basements and sub-structures.

Serviseal external flexible waterstop systems have a proven design using four T-shaped ribs for solid embedment in insitu concrete which create a valve action to seal the water path, and are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. Being cast into the outside water face prevents the ingress of moisture and protects the outer layer of reinforcement from corrosion. Location on the outside face of a concrete member also promotes better compaction of the concrete around the ribs of the Serviseal since it is free from reinforcement congestion and the weight of wet concrete makes consolidation easier.

Serviseal can be used for non-suspended slabs in water-retaining structures such as reservoirs, swimming pools and sewage treatment tanks. A continuous waterstop network should be used at all joints to prevent the ingress of moisture using only factory-produced fabrications for changes of direction or profile with site jointing limited to simple butt welds.

Product Advantages

  • Proven design — the original external waterstop used extensively in water-excluding and water-retaining structures.
  • Flexible — will accommodate movement during construction and service life.
  • External seal — protects reinforcement from water ingress.
  • Pliable — remains flexible at low temperatures.
  • Four ribs — provide extended and tortuous water path.
  • Stabilising/Nailing flange — allows fastening without damaging waterstop and prevents displacement or folding of ribs during concreting.
  • Fabrication service — factory fabricated layouts for complex or circular structures are recommended for quality assured installation
  • UK WBS listed — for potable water structures.


Serviseal is not suitable for walls of water-retaining structures which should always have PVC Edgetie™, Servitite® AT or Servitite

Serviseal is not suitable for walls of water-retaining structures which should always have PVC Edgetie™, Servitite® AT or Servitite Waterstops cast centrally in the concrete wall to resist the internal water pressure.


Construction/Expansion/Movement Joints
Serviseal 195 10m coil   wt 19.7kg
Serviseal 240 7.5m coil  wt 21.5kg
Serviseal K320 7.5m coil  wt 23.8kg
Pilecap and Angled Joints  
Serviseal Pilecap 7.5m coil  wt 24.0kg
Jointing Jigs Welding Knives
Jig Serviseal Muti 320 Electric Knife Large 635 x 40m, 110v or 220v

Range of Sections - all dimensions nominal


The waterstop network should be loose laid direct on to the blinding concrete with timber stop-ends or securely fixed into the vertical shutters using Double Headed Fasteners staggered at 500mm cross centres. A fully continuous waterstop network must be formed using only factory made junctions with site joints limited to simple butt welds of similar section.

Equipment by Others

Fine tooth saw, wire brush, Stanley knife, 110v or 220v power source, blow lamp or gas torch if non-electrical mild steel knife is used.


Tensile strength: 15 N/mm2

Elongation at break: 310%

BS Softness: 42

Specific Gravity: 1.42

Compound tested in accordance with BS 2571 and are typical values. UK WBS listed.

Specification Clause

Serviseal (...) size waterstops shall be used to form a continuous network as shown on the detailed drawings and fixed in position with site jointing limited to butt joints, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Health And Safety

Refer to relevant Material Safety data sheet.

Technical Services

For assistance with working drawings for projects and additional technical advice, please contact GCP Applied Technologies.

Section through Serviseal Pilecap

Serviseal Pilecap can be used around pilecaps or column bases or in joints at internal angles of retaining walls and linked with other Serviseal waterstops. | Thailand customer service: 66 2 030 9700

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