Proper installation of GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD®

In 1978, GCP Applied Technologies — formerly Grace Construction Products — developed the first self-adhered roofing underlayGRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD®.

Nearly four decades later, it's still the product building professionals trust to protect their projects. It's also peace of mind for homeowners.

Once installed, the revolutionary membrane protects your home, by its three crown jewels — it sticks to the deck, sticks to itself forming watertight laps, and it seals around fasteners — for a barrier impenetrable to wind-driven rain, ice dams or anything else Mother Nature can precipitate upon a roof.

If installed properly, this reliable roofing underlay can save homeowners $18,000 in reroofing costs. Here's how…

Proper installation of GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD®

The Conventional Method

  1. Cut the membrane into 3-5 m (10-15 ft.) lengths and re-roll loosely. Peel back 300-600 mm (1-2 ft.) of release liner, align membrane.
  2. Peel the release liner from the membrane. Press the membrane in place with heavy hand pressure.
  3. Minimum overlap guidelines are set by the manufacturer. GCP requires side laps to be a minimum of 90 mm (3.5 in.) and end laps a minimum of 150 mm (6 in.).

The Back-Roll Method

Some contractors prefer the back-roll method. The back-roll technique can go quicker than the conventional method since you can lay down the membrane in just a few minutes!

  1. Start by unrolling a 3-5 m (10-15 ft.) piece of membrane, leaving the release liner in place. Align the membrane and roll in the intended direction of the membrane application.
  2. Carefully cut the release liner on top of the roll in the cross direction, being careful not to cut the membrane.
  3. Peel back about 150 mm (6 in.) of the release liner in the opposite direction of the intended membrane application, exposing the black adhesive.
  4. Hold the release liner with one hand and pull the roll along the deck with the release liner, leaving the applied membrane behind.
  5. Stop frequently to press the membrane in place with heavy hand pressure, smoothing the membrane toward the outer edge.
  6. When finished with the roll, go back and remove the remaining release liner.
  7. Smooth to the edge.

Click here for detailed drawings displaying proper installation at eaves, valleys, skylights, chimneys and other important details…

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