The Blue360sm Advantage
The Blue360sm Advantage

Subcontractors and applicators utilize our products for every type of construction project—commercial buildings, residential homes and infrastructure to name just a few. Our products are backed by our Blue 360sm Field Advantage program. This program features experts who provide classroom training, custom courses at your facility and support and troubleshooting right on the job site.

High-performance products and valuable services for commercial building subcontractors

We'll fully train you in how to handle our products properly and install them correctly. Plus, we'll help you choose the highest-quality solution to meet the spec, along with compatible, top-tier accessories. We do all we can to help enrich your reputation for installing the industry's leading construction products.

Our field training and on-site support covers key solutions such as:

Strong, durable concrete technology for producers and applicators, accompanied by comprehensive support

We are a pioneer in concrete. We've been consulting with ready mix and concrete producers and applicators for decades. Our concrete technology is vital to the success of landmark projects.

Our products let producers mix batches tailored to the most stringent specs. Plus, we've developed complete systems to produce and install tough, durable precast components and workable, high-performance shotcrete.

Finally, the Blue 360sm Field Advantage team provides expert consultation at the plant, during transport and at the construction site. We even run a concrete school to educate your team's new applicators.

Helping residential building subcontractors grow their businesses

We carry some of the world's most dependable, well-known brands to protect homes from extreme weather conditions. Solutions include high-performance roofing underlay, weather barriers, flashing, and waterproofing products. We design all of our residential building products with contractors in mind. They're resilient and sustainable. Better yet, they're easy to instal.

Also, all our products come with the benefits of the Blue 360sm Field Advantage programme. We'll train you to install our products on-site so you avoid costly callbacks. After all, we want nothing more than to help you run a profitable business and become the general contractor's #1 choice in your speciality.

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