HYDRODUCT® drainage composite

Robust membrane protection for efficient water deflection

Roofs, green roofs, basements, retaining walls, tunnels, and more—the one thing that these have in common is the risk of leaks. GCP waterproofing membranes are industry leaders, but drainage composites add even more durability. There's a HYDRODUCT® drainage solution to complement every form of our waterproofing membranes—and they're a critical component of any well designed and complete waterproofing system.


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HYDRODUCT® Green Roof Composite
Product Data Sheet
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HYDRODUCT® Green Roof Composite

HYDRODUCT® Green Roof Composites are a highly robust, preformed geocomposite drainage and root barrier sheet system designed for green roof applications.

Key Benefits
  • Economical
  • Easy to install
Application Type
  • Root penetration protection
  • Drainage
  • Aeration

A versatile drainage portfolio

HYDRODUCT® products are designed for a variety of applications, from green roofs to basement subfloors. Here are just a few of the HYDRODUCT® products currently available.


Designed for all horizontal applications, HYDRODUCT® 660 collects and transports water to drainage outlets. This high strength nonwoven geotextile is designed to protect the drainage composite during and after construction. In addition, the material enhances waterproofing by draining 17 gallons per minute per foot of width (206 litres per minute per metre of width). Lastly, the material makes life easier for contractors by being lightweight, easy to instal, and compatible with both sheet and waterproofing membranes.


HYDRODUCT® 200 is specifically designed for use on substructures—retaining walls, foundation walls, bridges, tunnels and planters. HYDRODUCT® 200 can be applied both vertically and horizontally—the rot-proof geotextile performs just as well either way.

HYDRODUCT® Green Roof Composite

Designed for horizontal green roofs, this HYDRODUCT®  product shields roof decks from both water and root penetration. The barrier is treated with a natural root inhibitor, and is specifically shaped to redirect roots away from the drainage core. Additionally, the system is designed to capture and store excess water from the growth medium until it can be re-absorbed. Compatible with both the PROCOR® and BITUTHENE® deck systems, this system supports gardens and eco-friendly buildings while protecting concrete at the same time.