VIDEO: GCP Cement Capabilities Adapt to an Ever-Changing Market

Customisation is increasingly accessible.

The cement production industry is no exception. It is a vital commodity in any growing economy, as one of the most important building blocks in the construction of infrastructure, homes and commercial spaces.

Many factors to consider in cement production

  • Market needs
  • Mill output
  • Cement performance
  • Energy consumption
  • CO2 emission
  • Raw materials

Key elements for a customised solution for the cement producer

In-depth knowledge and experience of cement production, including all of the variables that can affect successful development and application of a customised cement additive solution

  • Access to the latest innovations in order to reap the potential benefits of technologically advanced solutions
  • Extensive experience from the application of cement additives in different cement types coupled with the expertise to analyse and comprehend test and trial data
  • Continual assessment for future improvement, as the market is ever changing and cement producers are constantly challenged to meet varying concrete and construction demands
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  • Precast producer
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