A story of innovation and change

We are global leaders in creating construction products and technologies that have influenced construction practices and shaped new ideas on how to build stronger, smarter, more sustainable structures.  

Decades of experience have taught us how to go beyond products and solve the complex challenges of our customers and the industry.   

We have enjoyed partnerships with a broad range of companies, governments and trade groups around the world.  The spectrum of business and legal arrangements is broad, spanning a variety of Joint Development Partnerships and Joint Ventures built on trust. We have built a strong record of setting complimentary roles, meeting commitments, respecting Intellectual property rights and communicating actively.

Today, the most recognised architects, construction firms, builders, concrete and cement producers and suppliers rely on GCP Applied Technologies.  

Product Innovation Timeline

1935 - May
New Category Created

Creates a new class of cement grinding aids

1956 - March
Water Reducers

Introduces water reducing admixtures

1965 - August

Self-adhered waterproofing membrane to replace paint-on waterproofing

1968 - April

Cementitious, spray-applied fire protection provides a durable alternative to low density fire proofing to protect structural steel against the ravages of fire

1978 - February
Ice & Water Shield®

Roofing underlayment; a new membrane technology to protect against wind-driven rain and ice dams

1985 - March

Air barriers for wall assemblies

1985 - September
Daracem® 100

Concrete superplasticizer

1995 - January

Quality/strength enhancing cement additive

1996 - January

Award-winning shrinkage reducing concrete admixture

1996 - May

High-range water reducing admixture

1996 - August

Pre-applied, multi-layer, composite waterproofing membrane

2001 - January

Breakthrough microfiber technology introduced as a replacement for rebar and welded wire mesh

2003 - January

Non-chloride early strength enhancing cement additives

2008 - January

In-transit concrete management technology for ready mix concrete producers

2010 - January
De Neef®

Acquired leak repair and remediation product portfolio

2010 - June

Liquid waterproofing introduced

2012 - April
Vycor® enV-S™

Self-adhered weather barrier for residential structures

2012 - September

Clay mitigation for aggregates

2016 - July

A complete admixture solutions that makes shotcrete for underground construction better, faster and less expensive than conventional systems

2017 - March

Admixtures that enable production of Control Flow Concrete, a segregation resistant high flow concrete using conventional mix designs