DE NEEF® Denepox 40

An ultra-low viscosity, two-component epoxy injection resin for structural injections in concrete, and can be used in a dry or wet environment.

Product Description

Two-component epoxy resin, which cures into a rigid compound in wet and dry conditions.

Field of Application

  • Low pressure injection for the structural bonding of cracks and microcracks in dry or wet concrete.
  • Bonding and anchoring.
  • Sealing of porous low density concrete.
  • DE NEEF® Denepox 40 is not suited for applications in contact with moving water.

Product Advantages

  • Insensitive to humidity.
  • Cures in damp/wet environment.
  • Low viscosity: deep penetration in the cracks.
  • Very good adhesion: exceeds the cohesion of the concrete.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Long pot life.
  • Cured DE NEEF® Denepox 40 is resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, greases and petroleum derivatives (*)

(*) For chemical resistance please contact your local GCP representative.


A-component Epoxy resin, transparent
B-component Polyamine hardener, light yellow
Colour Transparent

Mixing ratio by weight: 100:30


Has to be estimated by the engineer or operator and depends on width and depth of the cracks and voids.

Technical Data / Properties

Property Unit Value Standard
Bond strength to dry concrete MPa Exceeds concrete cohesion EN 1542
Bond strength to damp concrete MPa Exceeds concrete cohesion EN 1542
Compressive strength MPa Approx. 100 NBN EN 196
Tensile strength MPa ‘> 50 ISO 527
Flexural strength MPa ‘> 60 NBN EN 196
Glass transition temperature °C < 60 EN 12614
Density at 25 °C Kg/dm³ Approx. 1.1 EN ISO 2811
Viscosity at 25°C mPa.s Approx. 85 EN ISO 3219
Pot life (100g at 25 °C) Min Approx. 80  
Minimum application temperature °C 10  

Full chemical resistances are only reached after a curing period of 7 days at 20 °C. Mechanical properties of epoxy resins decrease at temperatures higher than 50°C.


To be ordered separately

  • DE NEEF® IP 1C-Manual hand pump.
  • DE NEEF® IP 1C-Compact electrical airless diaphragm pump.
  • DE NEEF® Washing Agent
  • Packers and connectors.

(Please consult the relevant data sheet).


1. Surface preparation. Surfaces to be repaired or sealed need to be clean and sound. The concrete surface must be free of dust, laitance, sealers, grease or any other contaminants that might influence bonding of the resin to the concrete

2. Injection ports. Entry ports for injecting should be approved devices spaced at appropriate intervals to  accomplish full penetration of the resin into the cracks or voids.
- Drilled ports
Drilling of cracks for packers needs to be executed in accordance with local regulations. After drilling the hole, insert packer.
- Glued ports (plastic or metal)
The injection ports should be fixed to the surface of the crack with Multitek Adhesive SDW.
Apply a layer of Multitek Adhesive SDW, polyester paste or fast curing cement to the surface of the crack.

3. Mixing. Mix the pre-weighted quantities of resin (A-component) and hardener (B-component) with a low speed mixer (300rpm) until a homogeneous liquid is obtained. Never mix more material than the quantity that can be used up within 60 minutes.
Heat is generated by the exothermic reaction when Components A and B are mixed and temperatures will increase over time. Do not mix more than 500 g at a time or leave more than 500 g of material in the injection equipment for a period longer than 60 minutes to prevent production of intense heat and smoke.


  Component A Component B
By weight 100 30
By volume 89,5 32

4. Injection. The crack can be injected with a manual (single piston) pump or a mechanical (single or double piston) injection pump
Initial hardening time: approx. 24h at 20°C
Uncured material and equipment should be cleaned with DE NEEF® Washing Agent


3kg set
A-component: metal pail
Net : 2.3kg (Gross: 2.47kg)
B-component: metal pail
Net : 0.7kg (Gross: 0.78kg)
1 box
5 pails of A-component and 10 pails of B-component
1 pallet
16 boxes of A-component and 8 boxes of B-component


DE NEEF® Denepox 40 is sensitive to moisture and should be stored in original containers in a dry area. Storage temperature must be between 5°C and 50°C. Once the packaging has been opened, the useful life of the material is greatly reduced and it should be used as soon as possible. Shelf life: 2 years.

Health and Safety

Read and understand the product label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each system component. All users should acquaint themselves with this information prior to working with the products and follow the precautionary statements. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and protective goggles. SDSs can be obtained by contacting your local GCP representative or office.


De Neef Conchem nv/sa
Industriepark 8
B-2220 Heist-op-den-Berg
EN 1504-5
Concrete Injection
Force transmitted filling of cracks
U (F1) W(3) (1/2) (10/40) (0)
Adhesion By Tensile Bond Strength ≥ 2N / mm2
Adhesion By Slant Shear Strength Monolithic failure
Shrinkage 3%
Glass Transition Temperature > 40°C
Workability Crack width from 0.3mm
Moisture State Of The Crack Dry and damp
Durability Pass
Corrosion Behavior Deemed to have no corrosive effect
Dangerous Substances Complies with 5.4 | Thailand customer service: 66 2 030 9700

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