Elastopack 201

2-component, phthalate free, hydrophobic, flexible polyurethane grout for sealing dry to moist cracks and joints with a non-expanding grout in concrete and masonry structures. Elastopack 201 can be injected or poured

Product Description

Elastopack 201 is a 2-component, phthalate free, injection grout consisting of a resin and a hardener, which are injected as 1-component system after mixing. After curing, the grout will become a dense and elastic material.

Elastopack is packed in pre-weighted sets composed of:

  • A-component : polyol blend.
  • B-component : di-isocyanate hardener.
  • Mixing ratio A/B : 2/1 volumetric.

Product Advantages

  • ADR free transport
  • Phthalate free resin, REACH compliant
  • Packed as a complete pre-weighted set
  • Solvent free
  • Non-flammable
  • Good flexibility
  • Low viscosity, fast and deep penetration
  • User friendly: Easy to use 2/1 volumetric mixing ratio, used as 1-component
  • product after mixing
  • Cured resin has a very good all-round chemical resistance(*)

(*) For chemical resistances please contact your GCP representative.

Field of Application

  • Sealing of moving or non-moving cracks in concrete or masonry structures.
  • Sealing of dry to moist cracks in concrete or masonry structures.
  • Sealing of hairline cracks where other resins cannot penetrate.
  • Filling of voids which can be subject to movement.
  • Filling of joints between horizontal concrete slabs by pouring or pumping.

Technical Data/Properties

  Component A Component B  
Solids 100% 100% EN ISO 3251
Viscosity at 25°C (mPas) Approx. 130 Approx. 150 EN ISO 3219
Density (kg/dm3) Approx. 0.975 Approx. 1.230 EN ISO 2811
Flash Point (°C) > 140 > 160 EN ISO 2719
Mixed product      
Cured with HA Cut CFL AF      
Mix viscosity (mPas)      
  • at 8°C
  • at 25°C
Approx. 435
Approx. 160
  EN ISO 3219
Pot life (min)      
  • at 8°C
  • at 25°C
Approx. 120’
Approx. 45’
  EN ISO 9514
Tensile strength (MPa) Approx. 3.5   EN ISO 527
Elongation Approx. 115 %   EN ISO 527
Adhesion to dry concrete (MPa) Approx. 3.1   EN 1542
Hardness Shore A Approx. 65   EN ISO/R868

(*) Typical values - all tests were made under conditioned temperature of 21°C.


1. Preparation

  • To improve adhesion of the resin to the surface, the surface needs to be sound, clean and free from dust, debris, grease, oils and laitance.
  • Low temperature conditions will significantly increase the viscosity and the reaction time of the products. To minimize this effect, store the product at room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours before use.
  • Add the complete contents of the A-component to the B-component. Mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer at moderate speed (500 rpm). Shake A-component thoroughly before adding to B-component.
  • Do not pre-mix more material than can be used within the pot life of the product.

2. Injection

  • The product is used as a 1-component product after pre-mixing in a 2/1 volumetric ratio.
  • The product can be injected or poured into the joint, void or crack to be filled as a 1-component system. Standard 1-component hand pumps or electrical airless diaphragm pumps can be used.
  • All pumps and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with Washing Agent to prevent the material from gelling or curing inside the injection equipment.


A-component: Yellow transparent liquid
B-component: Dark brown liquid


Has to be estimated by the engineer or operator and depends on width and depth of the cracks and voids, which need to be filled.


3L set

A-component: 2L plastic pail in cardboard box
B-component: 1L metal drum in cardboard box
1 box = 5 x 2L A-component
1 box = 10 x 1L B-component

1 pallet

18 boxes A-component
9 boxes B-component
Total 90 sets (270L)

15L set

A-component: 10L plastic jerry can
B-component: 5L metal drum

1 pallet

30 x 10L A-component
30 x 5L B-component
Total 30 sets (450L)


Elastopack 201 should be stored in a dry area, free from ground. Storage temperature must be between 5°C and 30°C. Once the packaging has been opened, the useful life of the material is greatly reduced and should be used as soon as possible.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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