OPTEVA® HE high early strength quality improver

Addresses shortcomings of challenging cements

In today's construction industry, there is increased demand for early strength enhancement, as this helps cement producers achieve higher cement quality, higher selling prices, lower cement costs and reduced CO2 emissions. The latest product entry to the OPTEVA® family of quality improvers, OPTEVA® HE is a cement additive that imparts early strength improvements – delivering greater cost efficiency, cement quality and sustainability. 


A new mechanism for chemical activation

This patent-pending quality improver delivers early strength enhancement on top of existing technologies (up to +2 MPa). Field tests of OPTEVA® HE additive demonstrated that the additive provides better cost performance than standard products at all ages. 

It improves cement strength, without affecting hydration kinetics, such as set time, optimum sulfate and C3A hydration. This allows cement producers to use this new additive, without requiring changes to their production processes.

In addition, OPTEVA® HE additive helps mitigate shortcomings in cements that have:

  • High clinker replacement with slag and fly ash
  • Increased use of alternative fuels
  • Fast concreting (CEM I, precast and low temperature environments)
  • Low alkali cements that need more early strength
  • Cements that are prone to yellow discolouration
  • Cements with durability concerns (chlorides limited to <25 ppm)

Product Advantages

  • 5% or more strength increase in the majority of cements
  • Up to 20% strength increase at one day
  • Ability to be formulated to increase late strength
  • Predictable dose performance
  • Minimal impact on air and workability
  • Excellent grinding aid performance