PIERI® Decobio C-23

Vegetable based concrete release agent


PIERI® Decobio C-23 is dilutable with water, the resultant emulsion giving positive, blemish free release for both site cast and precast concrete.
The product is not classified as hazardous according to CLP/GHS. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly compared to many alternative products. The unique packaging and mixing process minimises wastage and the need for drum storage or return costs.


The concentrate is packed in 1 litre plastic sachets, cutoff corner and pour into a 5 litre (or larger capacity) sprayer. Add 4 litres of clean water, shake to instantly produce 5 litres of emulsion, ready for immediate use.

Immediately after application PIERI® Decobio C-23emulsion forms a continuous film of oil on metal, plastic or sealed timber moulds. The film is not sensitive to rainwater when dried and has very high anti-adhesive powers giving excellent release and minimising surface blemishes, especially blowholes and colour staining.


Construction Sites:

Specially recommended for site use on most types of form work. The product hazards are reduced compared to many alternative products due to the absence of solvents and mineral oils.

Precast factories:

Recommended for its safety and ease of spray application especially in spaces where flammable products are restricted.
Particularly useful on concretes which subsequently are to be acid etched or sandblasted, as even if «overapplied » the resultant concrete surface finish is sound i.e. without dusting or damage sometimes caused by the misuse of the release agent.

Directions for use

The emulsion is stable for 2 hours, so it is always best to shake the sprayer before each application to reform an instant emulsion. In very cold weather, when dilution with water is not possible, it is recommended to use PIERI® Decobio C-23 neat in a very thin film (approximately 30 m2/litre) directly on to the mould by sponge or cloth.
Always protect the diluted emulsion  from frost. Stores prayer in warm area. NB: the concentrate does not freeze until -10°C.


  • Far less storage space needed
  • Less wastage and easy to use
  • No ‘bottom of tank’ losses
  • Storage and return of empty drums eliminated


Preliminary on-site tests should be carried out for difficult or special conditions of casting.
Technical specifications

  • Liquid concentrate, colour: Limpid
  • Density: 0.95 ± 0.03
  • Viscosity: 60 – 90 centipoise (ISO 2431)
  • Constituents: Entirely of natural products.
  • Does not contain any petroleum derivatives, mineral oil, paraffin, wax or alcohols’
  • Flash point: >160°C
  • Boiling point: >250°C
  • Freezing point: -10°C (not diluted)
  • Vapour pressure: < 0.1 millibar
  • Approximate consumption: 30 m2/ l (emulsion) or 150 m2/ l (concentrate)
  • Biodegradability  98 % within 21 days (STURM Test in accordance with the instruction 92/69/CEE).
  • Recommended PIERI® nozzles: X 10 or standard (fan nozzle)


2 years in original unopened packaging.


1 litre in polyethylene sachets

20 x 1 litre in a carton

25 litres drum


Read and understand the product label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to working with the product and follow the precautionary statements.

SDSs can be obtained by contacting your local GCP representative or office.


Not regulated.


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