Re-injectable injection hose for consecutive injection with OMNITEK™ Inject micro-fine cement or GELACRYL™ resins

Product Description

Blue, plastic injection hose with circular profile with an outside diameter of approx. 11mm and an inner transport duct of approx. 5mm. The injection tube has micro slits every 12 to 14mm to allow the injection material to exit the tube into the joint. The slits open with the injection pressure to allow injection grout to exit the tube and fill the joint. After injection, the slits will close again due to the reset force of the plastic closing the tube. The tube can be rinsed with water using a pressure of 0.5 bars.

Product Advantages

  • Easy to re-inject using OMNITEK™ Inject or GELACRYL™ resins.
  • Can be injected but not re-injected with polyurethane or epoxy resins.
  • Simple installation using the twinbox.
  • Does not twist when unrolled from the coil.
  • Allows injections of pure resin at lengths up to 10m.
  • Allows injections of micro fine cements at lengths up to 6m.
  • RE-INJECTO™ LB can be adapted on site to the exact length of the construction joint.
  • Easy to handle, no special equipment required.
  • The system allows injection under low pressure.
  • Permanent seal after injection.
  • No leak, no injection necessary.
  • Can be bent without risk of closing up the tube.
  • The profile prevents collapse of the tube through the weight of the concrete.
  • The Re-Injecto LB hose can withstand concrete pressures of up to 20m.

Field of Application

Sealing cold and construction joints, pipe penetrations, joints between diaphragm walls and slabs through post-injection with Omnitek Inject micro-fine cement or Gelacryl resin where consecutive re-injections are needed.

Technical Data / Properties

Profile Round
Material PVC
Colour Blue
Outside Diameter 11mm ± 1mm
Inside Diameter 5mm ± 1mm
Length of Slits < 5mm
Distance Between Slits Every 12 to 14mm
Rinsing < 0.5 bar
Opening Pressure Slits > 0.5 bar
Weight Approx 0.12kg / m


Blue, round-profiled injection tube with an inner duct and 4 slits on the circumference.


The necessary quantities required depend on the length and layout of the various (construction) joints which need to be sealed. The consumption of resin depends on the hollow voids around the Re-Injecto which need to be filled.


Unlimited in a dry place.


To be ordered separately

  • Packers and accessories


  • Re-Injecto LB is offered as a complete system
  • Re-Injecto LB tube: 50m rolls.
  • Twinbox: 5 pieces (5 piece packaging)(*).
  • Clips: 450 pieces (225 piece packaging)(*).

(*) To be ordered separately.


1. Installation

  • Install the twinbox to the outer reinforcement bars with the metal lashings taking into account the maximum tube length. One twinbox needs to be provided per length of injection tube.
  • Mount the twinbox flush with the formwork making contact with the formwork. Mixing and application equipment should be cleaned immediately with MEK. Remove hardened material mechanically.
  • Cut the injection tube to the required length. The maximum length is:
    • 10m for Gelacryl/Polyurethane/Epoxy resins.
    •  6m for micro-fine cement grouts. 
  • Re-Injecto LB must be installed onto a flat concrete surface in continuous contact with the surface of the joint.
  • Install Re-Injecto LB in the middle of the joint. A concrete coverage of 7cm to all sides is recommended. Make sure to have a good continuous contact with the joint surface.
  • Re-Injecto LB is fixed to the concrete using clips. Apply 1 clip every 15cm with a nail and washer.
  • Insert the tube ends onto the connector pieces at the end of the twinbox.
  • The ends of 2 consecutive Re-Injecto LB tubes must be installed with a 15cm overlap and 3-5cm apart.

2. Injection

  • Re-Injecto LB can be injected and re-injected with Omnitek Inject micro-fine cement or Gelacryl resins.


  • If required, Re-Injecto LB can also be injected with polyurethane or epoxy grouts. Re-injection is however not possible with these types of resins.
  • The injection should only take place when the concrete has completely cured and when all shrinkage and settlements have occurred (28 days).
  • Visible cracks and deficiencies of the concrete surface should be closed with fast curing cement (AQUATEK™ Plug) before injecting.
  • Remove foam pad and lid from the twinbox at both front and end of the injection length of Re-Injecto LB.
  • Insert a conical packer into the front end injection opening of the twinbox.
  • Test the permeability of the injection tube with water or compressed air.
  • Start the injection at low pressure to fill the injection tube. When the injection grout starts to pour out of the open end piece at the other end, close the end injection port with a conical packer.
  • Inject a quantity material into the injection hose. The flow of the material can be monitored through a pressure gauge mounted in front of the packer on the pump.
  • Wait for half the curing time of the injection grout. Inject new injection material within the curing time of the injection grout until the pressure remains constant. When the pressure remains constant, the joint will no longer accept any injection grout and is sealed.

3. Re-Injection

  • When there is a need for re-injection at a later stage, Re-Injecto LB needs to be flushed with water to clear the hose.
  • Remove the packer at the end of the injection tube.
  • Connect a water pump or water hose to the injection packer. The rinsing pressure should be lower than 0.5 bars.
  • Rinse the tube until clean water is expelled from the injection tube.
  • The tube is now free for re-injection at a later date.

Health & Safety

For full information, consult the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet. | Thailand customer service: 66 2 030 9700

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